Friday, October 23, 2009

Lamb for Sale!

This was one lamb born last March.  They are now ready to go to be processed.  They are going to the butcher on November 9.  Whole and 1/2 lamb available.  An entire lamb is about 35-40 lbs.  $6/lb and this means it is vacuum/freezer packed and ready for you to put right into the freezer.   Grass fed and grown slowly over 8 months.

So Annette:  what cuts do you get from a whole lamb?
I'm glad you asked, basically there are 5 main parts:  the leg, loin, rack, shoulder and breast/shank.   

Now if this is all too confusing for you-- just let us ask you a few questions and we'll figure out the first round for you and pick the cuts for your first order and then when you order your NEXT lamb then you'll be more picky and you'll be better educated as to what you like.

The main questions are:  do you want lots of roasts or chops or a little of both?  
Do you want a whole rack of lamb or crown roast?
Do you want some lamb kabob pieces or lamb sausage?

Someday-- I'll be able to rattle off these cuts like an expert.  For now I look at my chart...this was the only one small enough that would copy well.  Lots more detail out there if you need to find a different chart.

And here is a good link for LOTS of detail


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