Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Bounty

I love where we live because it doesn't freeze for successive days until December or even January.  The fennel is loving the cold weather.

Baby carrots!

Turkeys!  Ok- so not a vegetable but a fall crop.  We've sold almost all the turkeys.  We'll likely have 5 left at the end as we wanted to make sure we had the right amount in case we suffer a few more casualties before thanksgiving (aka- the fox).

The turkeys now gobble.  It is the funniest thing.  I'll have to take a video.  It's hilarious.

Still lots of greens.  Chard (I know some CSA members will say--no, no more chard), bok choi, parley, sage, thyme, cilantro, random greens, spicy ones, carrots and more chard!  Oh, and arugula and kale.   Let Mike know if you want any- he can package some up for you.  Also, you can come pick what you want for yourself as well.  I'll show you where it is and you pick what you want/need. 

The lambs are going for slaughter Nov 9- we're almost sold out of lamb, so if you haven't placed your order, email or call Mike soon.  We're going to try a few of the older ewes for ourselves as our farmer friends tell us that you still get a great loin and rack from an older ewe and the rest can be used for sausage.  We'll try it out and see if they were right but if it is true we may have a mutton special.   :)  There are a few older mommas who are not behaving- and so they'll either get sold off or go into our freezer- sorry ladies but you've had your chance to be good.
I was traveling in Denver last week and had a lamb hamburger- it was fabulous.  I then had lamb for dinner as well.
We've also been eating a lot of lamb lately at home (of course grass fed and local) from Evermore Farms also in Westminster and we've been loving it.  It's a meat that grows on you.  Even our pickiest child ate lamb sausage for dinner and breakfast- just plain old lamb sausage with no seasonings.  We're cooking lamb stew in the crock pot for dinner tomorrow with fresh carrots from the garden!

Basically, I'm in love with lamb these days....

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