Friday, November 6, 2009

Fried Chicken

As the vegetables have died down.... it's now all about meat.  I decided that I needed to learn how to cut up a whole chicken properly.  Yikes!!  So I cut up 3 chickens and got better each time.  Still have a lot more practice ahead of me.

 I then decided to try out a fried chicken recipe from Thomas Keller's new cookbook Ad Hoc.  Unfortunately, I didn't plan correctly and so I didn't have the oils he suggested but I wanted to use bacon drippings for part of the frying anyway.... yum!!!  

It was really great fried chicken but I've decided that I like chicken baked or grilled much better.  And 3 chickens took a long time to fry up.

Of course the chicken was even better because it was pasture raised!  In the spring we will do another round of chickens so if you are interested email Mike to order now.  We are switching to a business model where we will take orders for chickens and you will pick them up fresh/refrigerated instead of frozen.  This way you can cut them up yourself and freeze the chickens in the parts you want.

We are also making another big switch next year.  We are going to go all organic.  For the laying hens as well as the meat birds.  We've decided that we really want the genetically modified corn out of the feed and we also want the feed to have been pesticide-free so we'll just have to see how much it really costs per chicken to do that.  


SteveandAlina said...

The chicken looks delicious!
Congrats on making the decision to go all-organic.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered selling the chicken in pieces (breast, thighs, drumsticks, etc.)? Would that be considered a value-added product?