Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why do we have a farm?

Sometimes Mike and I look at the farm bills and we say to ourselves... what the heck were we thinking?  We should have kept our money in the bank, kept our little house in our little neighborhood and had a great life.  We could travel, we could go to farmers markets and buy all organic and local foods, etc...  Did we have to buy a farm with lots of land but with a teeny house and do the farm adventure?

Sunday was a day that answered the question....
I forgot to take a picture of Sunday dinner--- it was fabulous and about 50% of the ingredients were home grown.
Kohlrabi, celery and fennel slaw with walnut oil
Cauliflower gratin
grilled venison steaks (marinated first)
apple whole hog sausage 
roasted sweet potatoes and leeks cooled then mixed with dijon dressing and baby arugula  
red potatoes - which ended up as breakfast the next day

then pears cooked in butter, honey, lemon for dessert

There is just something about eating a meal that you grew most of the ingredients--
And as I had fun on Sunday-- the kids had even more fun.....


SteveandAlina said...

Your meal sounds super delicious. My mouth is watering!

pleintexasgirl said...

What great photos-the memories your children are going to have make all of your hard work worth while. A young one caught in mid air leaping into a leaf pile, stacking hay bales, and I LOVE the egg knocker!

Michael@greenakeys.com said...

Do not knock loudly.