Friday, November 13, 2009

The sign of a good farm

I've read and heard from farmers that you can judge how well a farmer takes care of his/her animals by looking at the fences.  Our animals have great areas and it's castle living.  So if that holds true-- our meat will be fabulous since our animals have newer and better living quarters than we do!  

We're just about finished with fencing (the only area left to fence in is the garden and we don't know what we want to do with that yet- so that's a future decision).  Above you can't really see the fencing for the side pasture (up top left) but that 20 or so acres is now fenced in.  It's 7 wire strands with 3 electrified.  Not as expensive as the 4 board fencing you see in the front part of the pasture.  That's the nice stuff and we could only afford that around the house.  Below is also a new cross fence in our main pasture.

This is the mid priced fencing that is woven wire with electrified strands behind it.  This is the area that we'll keep baby goats, lambs, and then pigs and rams.  Anything that we really, really want to keep contained.  I'm excited about this area because we'll have more options now for the pigs!!   Thanks to all of you for the fencing!  We get about 70% of it paid through federal and state funds for turning row crops back into pasture.   So thanks for paying your taxes.  You helped us pay for the fencing.  You don't even want to know how expensive fencing is... thank goodness for the help as we would never have been able to get the areas turned over to pasture so quickly.  

The checklist is getting smaller!!!
animals - check
waterlines - check
tractor - check
fencing- check
Barn painting and maintenance - future project

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