Monday, November 23, 2009

Morning Photos on the Farm

The chicken eggmobile will be by the barn for the winter as that is the one place where we have a heated waterer.  That means the hens and 8 roosters are roaming the yard as there is no electric fence to keep them in.

When I came out to take pictures they all gathered around.  They have food-- but my voice must mean "special food" to them.  I am the one that usually brings them leftover veggies-- which they love.

And then they started following me up the drive towards the house.  Not many have ventured past the house- but several have been found hanging around the front door.  

The cattle are also in the front pasture again!!!  Yeah!!  I love to watch them!
The lamb is back from the butcher.  I'll snap some pictures as it looks fabulous.  Tonight we had regular lamb sausage and Merguez lamb sausage.  The Merguez sausage is spicy-- but not too spicy and great with a honey mustard.  We'll be getting more of that processed soon as we're going to run out......


Anonymous said...

I love seeing the chickens following you. Yay chickens! It's nice to see the cattle in the front like that, very pastoral.

Anne said...

Oh that's great!Your farm is really so nice and its photos in morning are superb.Thanks for sharing.

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