Friday, November 27, 2009

A Toss-up

Turkey on Thanksgiving or rack of lamb and lamb kabobs the day before Thanksgiving?
It was a toss up.  The turkey was great.  It cooked faster than we thought but it was tender and so full of meat that we'll have leftovers all weekend.

Kabobs and rack of lamb the Wed before thanksgiving.  We had to try it out since we just picked up the lamb from the butcher on Monday.  O.M.G -- as my kids now say.
I chopped up sage, parsley and added olive oil, salt and garlic.  Spread it on the kabobs and the rack of lamb.  Mike cooked it perfectly.  140 F
This is the picture of it in the packaging.  Still defrosting-- but cool to see it in the nice vacuum sealed packages.  If you are interested in lamb, we have 3 more lambs and we'll also be making some lamb sausage.  I was never a lamb eater.  I never ordered it, never liked it when I did order it.  I was obviously eating the wrong lamb.....  It's great to eat because the pieces are smaller than beef so you don't over-eat and the flavor is fabulous.  

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