Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Treat for Your Dog

If you are looking for the ultimate gift for your dog this Holiday Season, then consider a smoked lamb bone.  Our dogs devour them and we've had several other dogs taste test them as well.  They are a winner.  

These are grass fed and smoked real lamb bones.  What more can I say?  Your dog will love them.  Limited supply of these bones but they are available for $5/bone.  I know that's more than a bone at the store, but you put this bone next to that store bought bone and I'd like to see which one the dog picks out.  (hmm... I'll have to test that out....)
Call Mike if you want any bones.  
Also, if you ordered a whole lamb, you get the bones as well.  Although we keep forgetting to give everyone their bones-- as the bones are a new thing.  Nothing goes to waste if you do it right!  

Yesterday Mike made Sheppards Pie (or as I call it- Hamburger pie) with venison and lamb.  
Wow-- great flavor.  We are lamb eating machines these days.  Probably because we've now had enough chicken and turkey to last us the year.  But beef is coming soon.

Speaking of beef.  We are bringing 4 steers to the butcher on Jan 11th and we have 2 left that are not spoken for.  So if you were considering ordering 1/4 of a steer or more, please let us know as we've got 3 people that once Mike calls them I'm sure they'll gobble up the last 2.  So place your order now.

We also have 4 of the 5 pigs available when they go to slaughter in January/February.

Eggs are also available over the winter but you'll have to pick up at the farm.  We will likely get a smaller fridge as we don't need to run the big fridge for a few dozen cartons of eggs.


BK2 said...

Yep, my dog loves the lamb bones, too. My husband gave him one out in the yard on Thanksgiving, and he was happily occupied for quite some time. When the pieces finally got so small that they might be dangerous, Peter picked them up. The rest of the day, the dog wandered around the backyard looking for them. "I know I left them here somewhere!" He'll take another one of those any day.

Kelvin Mailbox said...

I wonder if Oscar would like these?
Hmmm.....HELL YES!!!