Monday, March 1, 2010

Chicken Questions

Baby chicks are In the HOUSE!!  Well, in the brooder room.  These little chicks are Freedom Rangers or Color Rangers.  Same bird with different names.  These are the best little meat birds in our humble opinion.  They don't get to 6-7 lbs in 10 weeks like the Cornish Cross but they are best at 3-5 lbs and tasty.  I know it's horrible to think of tasty chicken with these little peeps on the screen.  But oh are they good!!!  

We are taking preorders right now.  This batch will be ready in early to mid-May.  If you want to help process chickens with us you are more than welcome to join the fun.  Just send Mike an email and let him know you want to help out.  We usually process on a Saturday depending on the weather though since we are selling more fresh chickens this year we may process on a Thursday or Friday so folks can pick them up over the weekend.

We will likely process a fresh batch of chickens 4-6 times during the May-Oct depending on the demand.  We'd prefer to sell them to you fresh (6 days after processing they need to be frozen) but we will carry a very limited supply of frozen chickens.  

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BK2 said...

Freedom Rangers -- sounds so patriotic! We just had a roasted Green Akeys chicken for dinner last night, and we all remarked on how good it was. Then Peter went online (during dinner!) and read about Tyson chicken, the world's largest processor. Ugh. We may have to ban electronics from the dinner table.

Please stamp my name on 6 of these babies. Thanks!