Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Possibilities

Tomatoes, pepper and eggplant seedlings start this weekend.
If the ground holds up, onions, shallots, peas, snappeas, snowpeas will go in as well!

For those who follow the blog from my childhood state and don't do facebook- if you want to buy some meat or eggs-  I will haul it cross country in dry ice and will deliver when I visit parents.   I have 1 cooler left that I can fill and bring.

Some people make New's Years resolutions and set goals in January, but my clock always seems to kick in when spring begins.  How can you not think about life and all the possibilities, when you see little Norman below?  The kids named him Norman from the Little Rascals (my husband has made it his job to train them in all things music, tv, soccer and baseball).  Norman is going to make a great Belted Galloway Bull and have a long line of offspring.

Before Alina asks about the tag, 53 is his mother's number and 10 is when he was born.  It looks so big on him right now but he'll grow into it.  We have to have tags to keep track of each animal.  We technically don't have to do this but it's good record keeping and to register him if we ever want to sell him we do need to properly tag him.

Now this is how the sheep are supposed to look out on pasture!  No more snow and out of the barn!!!  They were so happy to be on grass again and not have to eat dry alfalfa all the time.  Lambing season is just around the corner.  We think we've got at least 24 that are pregnant.  So that means we'll get around 40+ lambs this year.  

Asian greens popping out of the garden.

The kids had an impromptu picnic on the hill after school.  Dogs, chickens and cats joined them.


Anonymous said...

Little Norman has the sweetest little face, he is sooo pretty. That sounds like an ideal picnic to me. Everything on your farm looks so healthy. Hugs!

SteveandAlina said...

Those fresh greens look so yummy! We joined a vegetable CSA here and I'm looking forward to the first batch of veggies. Although it won't be for a while -- Spring arrives much slower for us. We are rumored to have snow this weekend.

Annette said...

The animals really helped fertilize the ground last year after a few decades of row cropping. I think it will take a few more years but the soil is definitely improving.

yeah Alina!!! I can't wait to hear about your CSA! (just keep in mind- I have a different CSA philosophy than some other CSA's... we don't do a farmers market and the CSA garden is all for the CSA (plus i grow extra for my own canning)-- so if a crop does well-- like tomatoes and garlic and chard last year-- the members get a LOT of stuff-- a LOT.) I don't think this is normally the case.

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