Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Planting Continues...

The above box cost $80 for about 1,400 or so leeks. The bottom is the 5 pack of 250 leeks that costs $45. Now I really had no choice-- I had to get the bigger package. I keep thinking of the woman who blogged that her husband planted 50 lbs of purple potatoes because it only cost $3 more than the 20lb bag and then the garden plot was filled. My garden plot is not filled, but I've got a nice area of leeks planted!

So the CSA members are going to have a lot of leeks. Now all of them don't grow, etc. so I figure 700 or so grow. That's still about 80-100 leeks per family throughout the year. Get out those leek recipes!

Side news-- our eggs will be featured in a Quiche, blintzes and crepes class held this week at Guilianova in Westminster. Guilianova is a little store in Westminster between Coffee Music and Sam Bagels. Mike's been working on the owner for some time now as that is THE place we'd want to have our eggs sold. We buy our olive oil and all other things Italian from his shop. He also cooks some great Polish food and so he's my backup when I don't have time to get old school with my own Polish cooking.
We are still hopeful he'll decide to sell our eggs permanently. You go into his shop for good deli and quality/unique foods so we'd be a perfect fit. If you happen to shop there-- give a shout out for us!

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