Saturday, May 1, 2010

One Task at a Time

I get asked "How do you get all the farm stuff done?" all the time. The first answer is that Mike does 85% of the work. The second answer is that though I do most of the garden work and egg collecting/washing, I just break it all up into little tasks. Little tasks are easier to get done than big tasks and if the task seems too big- then break it up even smaller. (I happen to know that I've got 13 more rows of garlic to weed-- I did 2 rows tonight and will do 3 more tomorrow. Once I'm almost done with an area I'll get extra energy to finish it up.)

Tasks currently on the list:
-prepare for chicken processing (picture above of Freedom Rangers almost ready- totally sold out!!!)
-Weed the snap peas and train to go thru cattle panel

-Weed the small strawberry patch
-Weed 1/6 of big strawberry patch (6 entries... to much to do in one weeding)

-Build one more hive body for bees (there are lots and they need a little more room)
-the honey bees are a new addition this year and they've been pretty fun to watch so far- below is the hive box (you've probably seen them around and never knew what they were)

So if you ever think something is overwhelming- it's probably because it is! But just break the project down into 30 minute or even 10 minute sub-projects and in no time you'll be amazed at your progress!

One of our goals is to get to 100 customers. We currently have about 31 customers. So we are going to slowly work to add 10 customers at a time. I'm hoping that by end of the summer we are close to 100! I think we will based on the rate the last few weeks!

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Toni aka irishlas said...

Great post!
You are absolutely right - take it one thing at a time, even if it's baby steps.
Looking forward to eating the first bird!