Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And just how did those settlers do it?

I know I've been lame with posts lately and making use of photos with one liners as my material so here is my latest wonder.

How the heck did our ancestors make it? And I am talking about this on several levels.

Let me start by asking a question. How many showers did you take on Sunday?
Yes, showers as in water coming down on top of you with soap and shampoo and such.
I took 4 showers. One in the morning, one around 11am after some grimy sweating planting and weeding, then once again in the late afternoon again after more garden work and then again once at night as it was hot and we aren't using the AC.

So how on earth did the folks a few hundred years ago deal with their own smell? I have to believe that no children were conceived during the months of June-August as I am not sure how you could get near another person when you couldn't even stand smelling yourself.

And then don't even get me started about what the women wore in those days.

Maybe the same concept of "when you are in the smell, you don't smell it" rules? Like when you go to a paper mill or a stinky farm and after an hour you don't smell it anymore? Maybe you get so used to body odor that you don't smell it anymore?

These questions have been on my mind the last few days. I'm just extremely thankful to live in an era where I CAN take 4 wonderful showers a day.


BoogaJ said...

So weird -- I was just thinking about this this morning! I was remembering that in the Little House books, they took a weekly "bath" on Sunday mornings. Weekly!! I've been averaging 2 showers a day myself in this heat wave we've been having and I can't imagine a world without showers.

Kelly said...

same here! how did they do it? especially the ladies with those dresses they wore! I too have to have my 2 showers a day sometimes.

Toni aka irishlas said...

Smelly is as smelly does, I suppose. Maybe that explains the shorter life spans! Death by odor!

No, really - I have no clue how they did it.

I admit, I'm a wimp. On the 89 degree plus days, I'm running the AC. My excuse is I'm old and can't take the heat anymore..haha

BTW - we finally roasted the first bird. Simply delicious. You guys have some great meat!

Amy said...

I've heard that modern stress and modern diets go a long way towards making people stinky - maybe their sweat just didn't stink as much back then?

Give me my showers anyday though! :)

SteveandAlina said...

I have read that because we use soap and deodorant and shampoo, our bodies produce more odor and sweat and smell.... especially the hair. So if you stop using soap products AND showering so often your body achieves an equilibrium. Don't know if there is any scientific truth to that! :)

uni said...