Monday, May 31, 2010

A Busy Weekend

The garden is shaping up nicely. Below are green peppers planted in hills. This year I am planting more in long hilled rows with drip irrigation. And I love it! I just wish all the hoses could run at the exact same time.

The head lettuces look fabulous! The bok choi did bolt slightly with the high heat so I am trimming off the tops. The bottoms are still really good but will have to be eaten this week.
Much better as a fall crop but I had to give it one more try in the spring.

This is the first week for CSA pickup! 12 lucky folks are getting great veggies!


Andrew N. Carpenter said...

Picked up first CSA box this afternoon -- wow! What a lovely and generous box.

For those of us who are agriculturally challenged, can you identify the yummy things in the box? Some are obvious, but others less so, at least to this philosopher...

Andrew N. Carpenter said...

Some iPhone shots from the "unboxing:"

Annette said...

Lol. Yes we can! There is head lettuce, another bag of what was supposed to be leaf lettuce but it kinda grew into head lettuces...there was a small bag of bok choi, a bag of a spicy mustard/mesclun mix of greens, snap peas, french breakfast radishes, and Annette will send an email tonight with a complete list, even though she didnt do the picking...I did.

Ill set her straight.


ujang said...