Friday, June 4, 2010

The Farmer is also a Mortitian

I've now on a theme for the next week. Started with settlers and now we are to morticians.

Why would this be on my mind?
Unfortunately when I went to get the eggs today a poor hen bit the dust. This happens. They get old, stress, etc. She looked relatively peaceful.

So I have to play grave-digger and dispose of the body. Technically the hen got a procession as she went in the riding cart to her final resting place.

I then realized I forgot my shovel so I used gloved hands to dig a shallow hole and then I had lots of dirt to cover her up with as I was near the compost pile. It was taking longer than I realized so I thought maybe I'd just step on her to push her down in the hole a little farther as it was taking a lot of dirt to cover her up completely.

Well, as I stepped on her-- do you know what happened? All that air still in her lungs came out and she gave me a last cry.

I of course screamed 10 times longer and louder than her cry and then I busted up laughing.

Now this has to happen with humans as well when handling a deceased individual. A chicken scared me half to death so I have no idea what hearing a human release air from the lungs would do to me. I think I might pass out...

Just know-- if you want to be an animal farmer-- this job just comes along with the package even though you don't realize it.


Anonymous said...

Wow and then double wow. That would definitely have given me a fright!

bigchambers said...

That would freak me out. You do get a lesson in death living in the country doing any kind of farming. I usually take any thing that dies or that I have to kill out into the woods so that it will at least be a meal for something.

Anonymous said...

Well beings I am a mortician for my career. You do get used to it as time goes by. It was a good deed you did. Just remember, the dead can not hurt you, only the living. See you all next week for CSA pickup. Brian Haight

SteveandAlina said...

Ever watch the show Six Feet Under?? I would have screamed at that chicken, too! You have such an amazing and interesting life these days.

bunny said...

Your blog is so interesting. I've always had a hankering for a farm...but it never happened and so, my daughter has joined the FFA and is totally involved in livestock (including chickens) and farming. LOVE IT! Yep, that would have made me pee my pants...I'm just sayin'.


Toni aka irishlas said...

With my wicked sense of humor I find this rather funny. I would have screamed, too, then laughed!

uni said...

wah... :))