Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Farmer looking for rain- not picky - just bring it on..

Yeah. We need rain. The field has turned to hay. We have about 4 more weeks and if we don't get some good rains we'll be buying and feeding hay. I feel like I live in Texas except that people here talk with Balt'mr accents. (that's for all my Texas followers..... God love ya as I don't know how you live in your weather)

So evidently my blog is SOOOO popular that my mom is now a frequent reader. He-he.

Here are her corrections: evidently our garden in our backyard growing up had NO weeds in it whatsoever- only after vacations. You know how memories fad over time. Maybe there were no weeds but I vividly remember being sent out to weed at the hottest part of the day - like 1pm or 3/4pm and weeding 1-4 huge weeds with that long weed gadget before I gave up. She claims I never weeded which is absolutely true. I hated it and still do.
Point number 2 was that she said I didn't have home-ec in high school-- which means she is reading all my past blogs. :) I did have some class where they taught you about babies and family life and yes how to cook. It could have been part of religion class for all I know but again-- this is my blog memoir so only my memory counts at this point.
I look forward to her future corrections. (maybe she'll even comment right in the blog next time... :)) Love ya mom.... send that rain from the midwest out here!!!


LindaG said...

Hope you get some rain soon!

I think I had home ec (they don't even teach it any more, to my knowledge. :( ) in what is now called junior high. I know I had the class before I went to high school.

Not that it matters. ;)

SteveandAlina said...

Hi Annette's Mom! I think your daughter is one of the coolest people I know. :)