Monday, August 16, 2010

The Plunge

Meet the newest members of the family and another steps towards never leaving the farm. Yes, babysitters wanted and serious offers will be considered. Come enjoy a few days of farm life and live in our house- no charge and you can eat all the food you want. You just have to do a few daily chores and not be scared of animals. Not sure what we have left to get in terms of animals - I really don't want a donkey or an alpaca-- I know- a milking cow....

Ah-- and as it goes for us- we got the goats today and we'll use the rest of the week to figure out what we need to do to milk them and get our process in order. This is our style- jump in and figure it out. I mean how hard can it be to milk a goat? He-he -- not so easy when they are new, you have no milking stand yet and 3 kids who want to milk one goat at the same time.

Grace is the brown goat and she is 7. Sierra is the larger white goat and she is just about 2. The little ones are Phyllis and Fiona and boy can they yell!!!!! If it sounds like someone is dying at our house- check the goats first- they just want attention evidently and are a little stressed from the move today. Folks ask me if my kids like the farm and help with the animals. I always say- well....... But I've never seen them so happy as when they were with these goats. I guess we needed milking goats or milking sheep all along!

Everyone milked except me. I stood there and took pictures or I held the goat still while she was milked. I know how these things go. The kids will want to milk the goats for the first month and then I'll get all the chances I want to milk. It looks kind of fun and relaxing.

Stay tuned for updates on our little goat experiment. We'll need something to do once the CSA is over in October... time to perfect cheese making!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you just said that you would need something to do once the CSA is over. Are you kidding!? Congratulations on the goats, they look adorable as do the kids. I'm sure you'll have all the access to the goat you want after a few weeks :)

SteveandAlina said...

Annette, the goats look so funny with those long ears. HA HA! Congrats to you and the kids on the goats. I hope the cheese-making turns out swimmingly.

Okay here is my question: do goats always produce milk? Or are they like a human and need to be nursing a baby in order to produce milk?

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Annette said...

Alina-- I love your questions. Yep, you have to get pregnant to be able to product milk - even as a goat.
So they get pregnant and what happens is that you then bottle feed the babies and then milk the goats, or cow or pick your animal. So normally you stop milking a month or so before the next baby---I don't know this technical detail yet...but I'll know for sure by next year.