Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Rocky now has a guard buddy. Meet Rose - or Rosie as she'll likely be called.
She is a Anatolian Sheppard and Akbash mix. She looks pretty big in the picture so I'll have to put one that shows her next to Rocky. Though she will get taller than Rocky- she's going to be a big dog. I sold a few chickens yesterday night to a very nice couple who just built a gorgeous coop and really wanted laying eggs. I know the feeling of having a coop but then realizing that it takes 20+ weeks before hens will lay eggs if you buy baby chicks. So every so often I'll sell a few laying chickens depending on how many eggs customers I have. So then that money went towards Rosie as we did need to buy her- Rocky was a sort of rescue/find a good home for him dog.

So we're now up to 5 dogs-- evidently when you get to 25 you need a kennel license (i don't think we'll ever get that high).

It's her first night out there with Rocky- the neighbors have been given a little warning just in case she decides to go under the fence.


Toni aka irishlas said...

She's a cutie!

LindaG said...

Very pretty dog. Hope she works out well. :)

John said...

Wow cool Dog and i love your blog.


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the story poet said...

Good grief! You'll have to get a part-time job at Walmart just to pay for dog food. She looks really sweet I have to admit.

mary said...

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Omaha homes said...

Wow..your dog really looks cute and charming....just take care while your dogs lay baby chicks.