Friday, August 27, 2010

Mike on TV

Sustainable Ag Fair Show

I just have to say on this blog that I really, really like our CSA members. I'd say that I love them but then I don't know them that well- but it's pretty close.

This year folks could choose to pay $600 for the season with 2 days of work (16 hrs) or pay $800 with no work. We were hoping folks would choose the work option and almost all did.

For those out there who think that is a lot of money-- think again- 20+ weeks of veggies-- and I can certainly tell you that our folks are getting their moneys worth. Just a pint of raspberries and a bunch of flowers each week could cost you $10. When those pumpkins come in-- 5-6 pumpkins per family could cost $50 bucks or more if you had to buy them elsewhere.

I can say the work option has been a HUGE success. A few extra hands makes ALL the different in the world. Today my pumpkin patch looks beautiful because I had 2 wonderful helpers. Tomorrow the potatoes will get pulled. My 'pretty' garden as I call it- does look pretty. The key is mulch-- mulch, mulch, mulch!!!

Now one CSA member wrote me a note today to say that he saw Mike on TV. We helped out at the Sustainable Ag Fair this year as we just didn't think it would be right for folks to eat corn fed food at the sustainable fair. So Mike did a short commentary and our CSA member saw it. How funny. I'm going to tape it- details for the next shows on Sunday and Tuesday.

Hey, this is just the first step! Maybe Mike has a future TV career? He-he

Show Detail: Maryland Heartland Sustainable Living Fair 2010



Event Date:






Certified Producer:

Craig Paskoski

Show Description:

Annual fair that explores recycling and renewable resources.

Schedule Information:

8/29/2010 at 10:30 PM
8/31/2010 at 9:30 PM

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