Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Canning and Reading

I've been canning the past few days. Lots of yellow tomatoes in the garden this week. They are wonderful! Low acid and nice and sweet.
Now while I can veggies, I like to read. Meaning I listen to books on tape. I am listening to Star Island by Carl Hiaasen this week. Now the CD wouldn't play in my computer for some reason so I had to find an alternative. So what did I find in the basement? A boom box with a CD player. Problem was that I couldn't find the cord to power it.

Who has D batteries in their house? Evidently I do. He-he.
So I was able to do 2 of my favorite things- can and listen to a book.
Happy day!
Lots of calls/requests for eggs this week-- 5 to be exact. I guess the egg recall is at least helping me out. And I was just about ready to thin my flock as I had more supply than demand.

Whole hog sausage should be in next week! I actually sold the last link today- well technically I threw it in a sampler package because it was all I had left and I wanted the person to at least try the pork. I still think it's funny that it's our most popular product when we really never wanted to raise pigs. Next year--- whey-fed pigs. I'm getting to be a good milker. I'm at about 8 minutes per goat and developing strong milking muscles.


Toni aka irishlas said...

We loved the sage sausage we got from you. It was amazing!

Thanks for letting me meet the goats. They are just too cute. Can't wait for you guys to start making cheese.... yum...

SteveandAlina said...

We loved the sausage you gave us, too. I really wish we lived closer. This week, we ate the last of the crock pot meat... I don't remember the names of the cuts but it's the one with the round white circle in the middle.

Alica said...

Do you have any tips on getting hens to lay? I have 22 chickens, and am only getting about 1 dozen eggs per day!