Friday, September 17, 2010


I'm learning my squash this year so excuse my mistakes. The squash from a few weeks ago is NOT a delicata squash but a Pink Banana Squash.

I don't have a good record of what seeds went where for the squash- so I THOUGHT the delicata squash was in that row but I guess the Pink Banana Squash is what was in that spot.
I have a good excuse though as planting the squash was a rush job.

Mike and I planted the squash literally 5 minutes before a nice thunderstorm during the month of July. Why is this important you might ask? Umm-- have you ever tried to move a hose around and water a field of squash? Best option is mother nature- so timing is everything.

The hills had been planted and I saw the rain coming so I said-- honey, quick-- help me plant the squash. It's not too hard to plant squash. You just take 3-4 seeds and put them into the hill every 4 feet or so. We only had to do this for about 400 ft of rows.

So as the lightning approached- Mike got nervous and said- ok- time to go in.
I said no way-- we finish. It started to rain. He said-ok the seed packets are getting wet.
I said no way-- we finish. The lightning got really close....

And we barely finished. I think I had to go back after the rain and plant a few more seeds as a pretty big bolt of lightning did get close enough to give me a little scare.

Sooooooo..... Pink Banana Squash it is!!!

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