Sunday, September 19, 2010

Growing Fast

The turkeys are getting big. I think we're going to have to process them in 3-4 weeks. They will be too big at Thanksgiving- for the normal person. Me though, I want a few really, really big ones for myself. Last year I was able to save a few turkeys for ourselves and I cut them up into pieces and froze them. I love the big turkey breasts and I plan to use them for the kids for lunches.

We may have a few turkeys left that we can sell- so let us know if you still want one.


LindaG said...

Really nice looking birds. Wish I lived closer. Hope you get them all sold!

Annette said...

he-he-- I actually hope we sell about 70%. Last year we oversold on accident but luckily 3 people backed out at the last minute-- I didn't realize how good they would be- We only have about 45 and I want 10 for myself!!