Sunday, October 31, 2010

Farmer as Vet

Back to another Farmer as posting.

Mike is playing doctor these days and I guess I was the nurse this weekend.
The saga of Eddie continues. See post from a few weeks ago about Eddie. Well, Eddie was visited by our vet and she made sure he won't reproduce. We had to watch him and make sure he was doing ok and by day 3 he wasn't looking too good. Evidently he healed too quickly and the blood wasn't draining properly.

So the vet came back and fixed Eddie up - Mike is not squeamish but even he wiggled a bit while telling me the story.

Eddie is fine but he is getting penicillin, pain relief and vitamin B shots twice a day. I hold Eddie while Mike does the 3 shots. The penicillin is the hardest as it's a lot. It's kind of funny to see him getting the shots ready twice a day. Eddie is now happy and he still follows us around almost like a dog. I think it was a good call to keep him.

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