Thursday, November 25, 2010

Food Coma Bragging Rights

Good gravy, Im full.

Wow.  That was one fantastic Thanksgiving day.  Thank you Carl and Sherry for having me to dinner at the last minute.  Perfectly cooked turkey!  Wonderful meal.  

The verdicts are rolling in from all over the country.  Thats right.  Our turkeys were served in multiple states this year.  Annette and the kids drove 4 birds to Illinois to family and friends.  And I must say the results look fantastic!!!  37, 23, 36 pounds represented below:

These bronze turkeys are the best turkeys Ive ever eaten.  You absolutely cant go wrong with them.  I will definitely be raising them in the future.  The bigger the better!!!!


LindaG said...

Thanks for the review. I think that is what we will want to grow when we can.

I love the looks of those turkeys, too. Wish mine would look like that.

Have a great weekend! said...

The broad breasted bronze turkey. Size of the big white turkeys but the flavor of a good heritage bird. Fantastic turkeys. They were amazing foragers too. They would cover 15 acres a day on their daily walks.

LindaG said...

We will have about 15 acres for them to forage on, too.
Thanks again for the information!

BK2 said...

Michael, I did not wimp out this year. I roasted my 20ish pound free range turkey and served it at Thanksgiving. I have never had a bird so good. It was juicy and flavorful, breast meat and all. When I sliced into the breast, you could see how juicy the meat was. My mouth is watering just remembering it. And there was enough dark meat to satisfy everyone, unlike a commercial bird. I am so happy I have more in the freezer.

Bronze turkeys RULE!