Friday, November 12, 2010

Lamb burger

Tonight Mike made lamb burgers. Wow!
2 lbs of grass fed beef (2lb packages available for $10 each)
1 lb ground grass fed lamb (1 lb packages available for $10 each)
1 egg (free range and from hens living on pasture of course)
salt, pepper
he put in some fennel
finely diced onion

mix it all up and it will make 6-8 of the most wonderful lamb burger patties.
We ate it on buns with some yogurt, dill, garlic, sour cream topping

It tasted almost like a gyro hamburger -- fabulous!
I should have taken a picture as we had the burgers along with salad greens. The lettuce and greens are still growing in the garden and are perfect right now.


Toni aka irishlas said...

Hands down the beef/lamb combo is the best burger in the world.

Now I'm hungry for one. Good thing we just got some meat from you and can divulge into our lamb burger fantasy....

sam n jennifer said...

Mmm! Thanks for that reminder recipe post - We too just got beef and lamb from you - so that will be thawed tonight - and Hello Hamburger Heaven tomorrow!