Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Farm Community

MLK weekend is a time of reflection for me. I love what is unique and different and people are all unique. Sometimes, you need something to bond all those differences together and what better thing than food. We all have to eat. We don't eat, we die.

When we started this farm, we had this vision of CSA members coming together once a month for a potluck dinner. Last year we had our annual bonfire (which had to be a camp fire due to lack of rain). This year we are going to have more opportunities for the CSA members to come to the farm and meet their fellow CSA members. I can tell you that you are all unique and you've touched our family's life in different yet wonderful ways. We love the chance to chat with you as you pick up your shares and we're going to make sure you get the chance to talk to each other as well.

In this world of technology, how do we take the time to smell the roses and talk to each other? Maybe farm communities can offer a way to form friendships and bonds through great food.

We are going to do our part to create community within our farm. So here's to food and creating a farm community.


Toni aka irishlas said...

Eloquently put.

What a lovely post!

Donna OShaughnessy said...

We have farmed on this property for over 15 years but it was not until we stopped selling our milk to a large corporations and instead began selling it directly from out farm (legal in Illinois) that our "farm community" started. THEN we opened a small store for our meat sales. WOW. we see our neighbors now more than we ever did ! Great goal to sell everything off the farm. Keep up the hard work