Friday, January 21, 2011

How to Eat a Boatload of Squash

I keep bringing up squash and pumpkins from the basement and putting them on the table in the middle of the kitchen as a reminder that I need to eat squash everyday --till May.

I've gotten great recipes from everyone and my favorite is from my BFF ( friends since we were 3 or 4 years old). You cut the squash into french fry pieces, sprinkle salt on them, let them sit so the moisture comes out, then resalt and put them on a tray sprayed with Pam and bake them 20 min on one side, flip for 20 min on other side. 425 degrees. Full recipe here and cool website.

Our first lamb of the year was born this morning. I went out at 7am and there he was in the straw surrounded by all these momma sheep. I put momma and baby in their own little area and they seem happy. We have this one Ewe who thinks that every lamb born is hers or she just wants to help. It's pretty funny actually. I need a name for her as she really cracks me up. My husband will read this post and know exactly which Ewe I'm talking about- and with 55 or so Ewes- that's saying something about her. Name ideas anyone?


SteveandAlina said...

How about... Betty Crocker?
Or maybe Greek goddes names like Gaia, Hestia or Hera???

Paradise Found Farmgirl said...

Mary Poppins? Since she enjoys being a nanny.

BK2 said...

Or Nanny McPhee.