Monday, January 24, 2011

January Ramblings

My year of food education is depressing me. In my last blog I had squash from the basement and bananas from the grocery store. So I decided to read about Bananas.
One of my favorite news sources these days is Grist and they had this to say about bananas.

I should have realized I was eating 1 kind of banana my whole life- it's no different than tomatoes, beets, green peppers, etc. But it makes sense from a distribution standpoint to have only one type that can travel well.

That's the tough part of eating local- if you want to truly eat local. I guess I wouldn't get to eat bananas.

The things that make me happy while I ponder bananas are random things I find in my house. The kids do what they want in our house-- it's like a big playhouse and they are always setting up something. This week: Margaret's clay shop. The best location for the forms turned out to be in front of the toilet.

If you can't read it:
I make it, you take it!!! It is for FREE!!! All you need to do is fill our a form. The clay thing you want will be a little version of the real thing.

First 3 lambs of the year born last week. I stood around for 90 minutes hoping to see a lamb be born. No such luck. Mike comes home after being gone 3 days and goes outside and sees the 2nd of the twins being born. Not fair at all. I just want to see one birth this year, that's it.

He tried out this warmer to heat up the lamb--it worked.


LindaG said...

Congratulations on the lambs! :-)

Toni aka irishlas said...

Do they make those warmers for middle aged women? If so, I want one!