Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fun weekend

We still have no internet at the farm- so postings will be weekly or biweekly depending on how many times we get to the old house.
Above is my view from the kitchen.  I love the view.  It has a great breeze and you can see what everyone else is doing from that spot.  Farmers wives knew exactly where the kitchen should go.
Emily and Margaret learned how to ride bikes a few weeks ago-- now they are pros!  Emily now wants a bike with gears.
Mike cleaned out the bank barn yesterday.  He had the music playing from his truck while cleaning everything out.  
And then he got out his tractor to move it all!  He loves his tractor and its actually very cool to see him drive it around.

Margaret at horse back riding lessons.

drying peaches-- yum
Peaches dried and sauce cooking.
Heirloom tomatoes and such.  The bugs really like the heirloom tomatoes the best--- and I thought bugs weren't smart.  They go for the best tomatoes in the garden.
We harvested and froze lots of soybeans for edamame!
This is the Bared Rock chickens that we are going to get 5-10 of them.  We are going to get 10 in total so a mix of a few more.
We are also going to take three goats from our friend Lee.  She is the one giving us the 2 year old hens for practice.  They won't lay a lot of eggs but we'll at least learn how to take care of chickens.  The goat is a cross of Pigmy, Nubian and Arapawa. 
The girls and I processed about a bushel and a bit more of tomatoes---good sauce.
Picking edamame off the stems.
Fresh onions.

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Anonymous said...


It is so great watching the different stages of the development of the farm. I actually may be comng there at the end of October beginning of November to Mt Siry which is not far from you and would love to see it....Would that work for you?Let me know...drop me an e-mail...and give me your number....great pictures too....Michele Fliss