Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fate or just coincidence?

Three things come to mind as I look out the window while lying in bed (I'm feeling pretty awful today).  Mike and the kids are taking Frank for a walk so he knows the boundaries of our property and gets to know the pasture area.

1.  Mike has wanted a Border Collie for some time now.  He wanted a Frisbee dog and agility dog really-- not necessarily a working Border Collie.
2.  When Mike was in high school there was a business card machine in a restaurant he and his friends hung out at.  He made himself a business card that said Michael Akey, Shepherd. 
3.  One of Mike's first email addresses in high school was poultryman.  He thought chickenman was funny but thought poultry was even funnier.

I remember Mike showing me that business card when we were dating and thought it was pretty goofy.  It's in a line in some Chevy Chase movie-- could be Caddy Shack- I have no idea. 

Did I ever imagine that he'd actually turn out to BE a SHEPHERD or the POULTRYMAN?  

So that's my philosophical question of the day.  Was it fate or can you go back in your life and always find 2-3 things that pointed you in the direction your life headed?

Wow-- lots out there on-line on Fate or Coincidence.  If I find anything worth passing on,  I'll link it in.


Blue Heron Farm said...

My first business cards said Writer/Astronaut.

Christian's said Man of Leisure.

So much for fate. I think we're talking coinkee-dinkee on Michael. said...

My daughter's report card had a comment on it: "Emily does not keep a tidy cubby."

That could be my epitaph too.

He Did Not Keep A Tidy Cubby.

Blue Heron Farm said...

Christian's dad just told us about this "game."- Write your autobiography in six words.

Modern shepherd with an untidy cubby ??

I decided mine now, at age 38, would be "Halfway there - but not all there."

Annette said...

I don't know Lisa-- I'd say you are an accomplished writer from where I sit. I'm trying to figure out the Astronaut part....